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Aster Study Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of young women so they become a positive force in their family, with their peers, and in the larger society.


At Aster, we believe that service is at the heart of leadership. We strive to inspire young women to become leaders with character. Aster Study Center offers a wide range of programs and activities focused on human, cultural, intellectual, spiritual and professional development. 

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High Schoolers

Retreats, recollections, and circles are offered to girls who are ready to make the most out of high school and seek to grow in human virtues and in their spiritual life.

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Middle Schoolers

Creative Cuisine and Stitch & Design are offered to 6th-8th graders on the first Saturday of each month. 

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Summer Programs

Enroll in summer camps, service projects or hospitality programs to make the most of your summer acquiring skills and serving others.



Tell us what activity you're attending and where you're coming from. We will put you in touch with someone from your area who is attending.

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